Friday, January 6, 2012

Blood is thicker than water but water is more essential for life : A article on trust

Today's post would be on the issue of trust with the focus example on the phrase : "Blood is thicker than water." It will be discussed that the above phrase is not true and that trust is something that is earned through sincerity and interaction, not by association of blood or tradition of any sort. (Let the author preface first that he is not pointing out that he does not trust his own family but rather the discussion that family in itself is not a factor he bases trust on.)

Through one's miniscule 29 years on earth, on more than one occasion, the author has been told in many forms the line: "Who else could he trust over family." The argument being, connected by genes and blood, one has a less likely chance of being treated in a selfish manner by the relatives in question. One agreeing that there is logic behind such a rationale due to the invested interest of the bloodline prospering. This being said, one has also always felt and more strongly that through history, it has been proven on many occasions that blood relations is not a proven factor that has resulted in genuine altruistic help. The infighting between blood related princes from any country that has experienced a feudal system of government more than enough proof of said flaw in using family as a principle means of trust. 

To the author's own method of living, who one trusts is based on sincerity and interaction. The sincerity of the mind being all important as even if said person is not fully considered intelligent at least he has your best interest at heart. Which allows focus on the true problem at hand, as compared to if one was to implement a plan of someone one does not trust. It is like using a problem to solve another problem, you need defenses for both problems to be truly certain of the desired result. 
The second is interaction. Basically, trust being earned through consistent action that warrants or results in it. This is because for reasons unknown to oneself, another could easily have done something that you felt meant he/she is truly one to trust but in fact that person was acting in self interest. This resulting in a hole in one's mental and physical defenses that allows such a person to manipulate and use you to their own means of profit. The length of interaction being important as all selfish people are acting on direct or implied profit and sooner or later once that limit of non profit has been met, the selfish person will show their true colours.

In conclusion, in the author's life up to the date of this blog. He can say the only person that has achieved the above criteria and who he trusts over 85%/100% is only one and has a surname of Li. He was the inspiration of this blog and one feels he is truly worthy of mention for being a great friend to me. 

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(This blog being about Logic, the author could not end such a post without stating that he believes all people are born selfish and thus a logical warning being that one should never trust another person fully at 100%. For a quick example, if you were a leader to a country and had a very trusted allied country beside yours. Most would agree that it would still be a bad idea to allow the allied country's army to enter your country without any kind of reason or defense.)

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