Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Contentment : Powered by memories and Kentucky Fried Chicken

The day the author felt true contentment was on a mildly sunny early afternoon. One had found himself returning to the outskirts of his living district, dressed plain in a oversized shirt, shorts and slippers. Fashionably accompanied only by his  unshaven chin and hair, hardly combed. The goal? One had woke up in the early morning to collect some tropical creams from the National Skin Center of Singapore but a much more meaningful and unexpected adventure was to take place that no one would ever know of other than the author and well, now you...

One was walking home and along the way had actually walked far enough that he had found himself in front of the local Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet. The aromas of the fried culinary dishes and scientifically enhanced fries usually do not capture the author due to his stingy nature to spend on food if his fridge at home is still full but on this day, his resolve was weakened. The Gods had decided to leave a exceptionally full restaurant with a wide empty booth in plain sight, this stopped one in his tracks and in  a moment of action that seemed to be not of one's will, one found himself lining up behind 3 people. Life's most important question at the moment : "Do I want original or crispy?"

Having too little time to decide, one had given into indecision and had ordered from a wholly underpaid young teenager one of both types of fried chicken along with a small 7UP and a upgraded cheese fries. With a meal that resembled a little piece of heaven and having his small tray of chilli sauce, careful not to take too much as that would be excess, one was pleasantly surprised that the wide booth was still available for one to occupy and afforded one a clear view of the people in the local square going about their business. Having seated oneself, one did a silent prayer to whichever God existed to his agnostic nature and went on to clear his palate with a big gulp of 7UP  and went on to take the first bite of his 2 piece chicken meal. The first bite came in a wave of ecstasy and nostalgia. One's frontal cortex burned with the memories of when one was a child, excited at the fact that back when the author was a  wee boy, MacDonalds and KFC had just opened in Singapore and to enjoy its meals was only on special family outings. Each bite of chicken and cheese with mayonnaise soaked fries was as enjoyable as any, a glowing pretentious food critic gives a dish in a five star restaurant. The whole time, one had no worries in the world due to a lack of media and enjoying nothing less than watching people young and old enjoy nothing more than a piece of fried chicken and what seemed like each others company, just like when one was a child before knowing the sins of the world.

The meal ended and the author went on to dump the remains of his tray into the bin and a addition of good feelings came when a staff member walked over and said thank you for the act of clearing the tray from the table. The feeling being so good, as on that day, we both did something that made someone else's day just a little bit better. Along the way home, one started to ask the question. What does contentment mean to me? Of which the answer came in quick succession. " It doesn't matter you Fucktard, just enjoy the moment God gave you for once."  Giving a quizzical look to no one in particular, one accepted it and walked home with no thoughts in one's head about worldly issues or problems but only a belly full of satisfaction, good feelings and a smile ear to ear.
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