Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Level Up Does: My Self made Iphone game (Practice Product)

It has taken me two weeks from knowing nothing game making related to making the following game for the Iphone. Although this game is just for practice in learning how to make a game for now. Simple premise: A alien nerd needs to save the Cuddling Koalas from the evil Industrial Vroom Vrooms with his innate star power.

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The Simplicity of Logic Youtube page :

(All Product and characters from this game is wholly designed and owned by the game maker)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The 'Secret' to success, Logic not positive thinking

Today's post will be about the bad trend of people mistaking positive thinking for the be all end all of achieving any goal. Thus applying themselves more on the fuel of a inspired 'moment' than a concrete plan to succeed. This post is to just remind people, rather than running on the 'moment', to instead put forth a concrete plan, even if the goal is much less glorious. 

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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne :

The Simplicity of Logic Youtube page :

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Level Up Does 01 : Top 6 cartoon Intro's I have ever seen

For a change of pace and to immortalize my own thoughts on topics that are more personal to me, I have started a series called 'The Author". Today's egocentric post is on the top 6 cartoon intro's I have seen in my life. This was a project that brought me lots of pleasure to research as it brought me back to lots of nostalgia and good memories of my youth. One also hopes you too will enjoy the journey, videos and commentary.

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*Do note that I had to convert the videos to wmv. files and thus the quality of the video might not be as good as those of the original link. The author does want to give a good commendation to the people who uploaded the original link, as if it were not for them, I would not be able to complete this project of love. 

HM1 - Denver the last dinosaur :

3 - Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego :

2 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers :

The Simplicity of Logic's YouTube Page :

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How Superman changed my life morally

Today's post is to share how Superman has affected my life and has made me a better person for knowing the character of Superman morally.

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John Williams Superman theme song:

The Simplicity of Logic YouTube page :

Monday, June 25, 2012

Common Sense "Karma" - Good most often begets Good (Non Religious Post)

Today's post is using common sense to explain the theory of Karma and basically why a person should do good actions with good moral reasons more often than not.

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My Name is Earl trailer -

My YouTube Page for this video :

Monday, June 4, 2012

Captain Hindsight!! : The personal Ego hero of many

Today's post is on the topic of people using hindsight to justify bad and illogical decisions and a solution of Stoicism to overcome the 'Captain Hindsight Syndrome' that many display. ( *NOTE: The South Park episode is season 14 not 15)

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South Park Episode 11 Season 14 : Hindsight from the official South Park Website :

An essay on the basics of Stoicism :

A Documentary on how to apply the stoic way of life to achieve more happiness :

Part 1 of 5 (side bar links in the page to parts 2-5) a lecture on Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his stoic masterpiece 'Meditations' :

My YouTube Page for this video :

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Life' Vs Happiness/Poker : A choice?

Today's post is to discuss with the focus example of 'Jobs' whether between the realities of social stigma and everyday life versus happiness. Which one should one choose and why.

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*A article from 2007 detailing from places like the Center for work life policy on how people at the top can work up to 70hrs a week and how most describe 16 out of 45hrs a week working as 'unproductive'.

*A personal post by someone who works 45-55hrs a week on how much of his life is spent working.

*A simple calculation on simple 8hrs a day working calender for a lifetime.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Agnosticism: A Logical "Religion"

The Simplicity of Logic's author has seen that by avoiding technology is a illogical step and thus has stepped into the Vlog realm. Posts from now on will be mostly video and will be posted here and on one's personal YouTube page.

As a first Vlog post on this discussion Blog, today's topic will be about one's view on what one considers the most fair and logical 'Religion', if you can even call it that. That belief is termed Agnosticism and one does hope, there is some good this Vlog will do to someone out there. 

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 Free Hugs :

Aryan Brotherhood :

Richard Dawnkins Vs Ted Haggard :
(Ted Haggard was later proved to have sexual relations with other men and is now not a pastor as of the date of this video.)

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Sorry" in Poker : A focus example on insincere cultural practices

Tradition and culture are important lessons from the past that in general allows one to improve one's life through tried and tested methods of those that came before. The author grants that point of view but it is when these traditions and practices are followed blindly and not logically for social acceptance that the author starts to show outward disapproval of such traditions. The best summary of today's post is in this link from the movie on Confucius's life (start at minute 3:43)*. The linked clip on the issue of ritual sacrificial burials.

The same lesson gleamed from the link above can be readily applied to today's focus example of saying 'Sorry' after winning a hand (usually in a mathematically underdog position) in Poker but first, two main points of defense from the point of view of those who do say 'Sorry' and it's direct rebuttals:

Truly feeling sorry in getting lucky in the hand of Poker:  There is no doubt that one of normal character would feel embarrassed by getting lucky and winning the hand but if said person was asked if they wanted to get lucky to win. The answer in most cases would still be a resounding 'Yes'. Thus the act itself is insincere and defeats the meaning of the act of being sorry. I liken this same insincerity to a murderer lying in a court trial saying he is sorry for killing the victim. In this case, the murderer actually having more of a reason to lie as if he is able to pull the lie off, he gets a lighter sentence. While the 'Sorry' poker player usually getting nothing but a insincere smile back from the person one just got lucky on due to the fact that he knows of the insincerity in the 'Sorry' said too.

Wanting to avoid offending the other party by saying 'Sorry': This reason being trouble in itself due to the fact that if the person that has been beat is the type that is unreasonable and gets angry, then he would, regardless of whether one says sorry of not. In fact, in saying sorry, one might take spark offence. As in Poker everyone wants to win and thus unless one is willing to return the money won in the pot, saying sorry and raking in the winning chips/money is not only insincere but in doing so, might imply insult to the point that the person's intelligence can't recognize insincerity when it is shown.

Thus, in explaining the above, it would be lacking if one does not give a solution to the above problem. The Problem being having gotten lucky and then what to do. The best solution the author practices being doing nothing. Just accept you have won and collect the chips in silence, allowing the moment of tension to pass by and avoid saying anything to offend. A second solution if one is inclined, offering something to the other party, if not a little money back, then maybe helping him get a drink or such. The act itself showing no hard feelings and breaks the moment of tension too but in general, one still thinks the best act is just to let the moment pass quietly. 

In conclusion, all acts of tradition or even certain religious practices have their reasons on inception but the continuation of such practices have to be constantly reviewed logically and if outdated or a better practice having been discovered, abandon said traditional practice. As one would feel it would not only be illogcal but a injustice to a thinking species to avoid a good solution over the reasoning of : "It has always been this way." 

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*In case, the link above gets taken down. The clip is as follows. General Gong is arguing with Confucius that a runaway slave should be buried alive with his dead master due to the traditions of the time. The reason being the master needing the slave for his afterlife. This being said, Confucius states that if that is so, then General Gong should be buried alive with the slave too as there were many cases before the master's death of him saying he could not live without General Gong too. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Poker's anomaly : The preference of tactics over strategy

Firstly, a brief definition of tactics and strategy applied to the game of Poker :

Tactics : The operational way of how each hand of Poker is played at the moment of conflict.

Strategy : The planning and execution before, during and after to set up and lead the opponents into tactical situations that favours the planner. 

Now that the above words have been defined for today's post, do note that this is not a post on how to play Poker but rather a commentary on observations of players favoring the strange situation of tactics over strategy. It is a situation that tends to rise up during a game with some but not all of the players that take Poker more seriously. This situation that arises is illogical as those players would tend to enthusiastically inform others on how much they would love to play against a player who is weak and that they are long term profit seeking individuals but in practice show actions that pit tactics over strategy. Thus losing in most cases, value in the long run. 

For example, during a raked Poker game of the author's personal experience. There was player A who called player B's pot size bet on the flop and turn to catch his flush on the river in a game of Texas Hold'em. Mathematically, A's play was wrong, as in the long run, A will be losing money. The hand being over, this is when B started to show the strange behaviour of favoring tactics over strategy. B started to focus only on how the hand is played and angrily berate very openly how bad A had played. This in the end, made A feel angry and leave the game with his profit (including B's money). In conversations later, when asked if B would want to play more with A, B said yes. The evident hypocrisy being, if one wanted to play more with a weaker player, B should have just have left A alone, continue to play 'bad' and allow the math of Poker to gain a profit over A in the long run. Instead by annoying A, A would in future not want to play at the game B plays at and in essence, B has lost value from a uneven match up where B feels he is the favorite.  

This being said, the above situation is usually not so direct and the berating is usually put in a mild manner or even sarcastically as a joke but in the end still equates to the same result of insulted individuals. Who would then prefer not to play with the berating player in the future. This is simply because, most people are not stupid and tend to know when they are being insulted. It would seem too that some berating individuals have a more skewed view of the Math of Poker, as their reaction to losing a hand they are leading percentage wise tends to feel like they really could not fathom out of the realm of nature that they could lose at all. Losing their cool/temper in this way in one's view, equivalent to being angry that the sun rose the next day, as even losing a 98% locked in to win hand is going to happen sooner or later. Their actions from an outside perspective, seeming to state that others should play like how they want them to and then perfectly, lose to them rather than for them to adjust and counter the plays styles of their opponents.

In conclusion, one feels the focus on strategy over tactics is definitely a more profitable and happy one. As if all one does in Poker would result in a more likely profit in the end, then it makes it easier to take the bad beats and plays dished out by Lady Luck and other players. For through adjustments to each opponent and the understanding that in the long run, if one's opponents puts their money in mathematically bad and wins, the money coming back anyway. Taking each lost as the opponent having paid for this unlikely win this one of a few rare times. 

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Blood is thicker than water but water is more essential for life : A article on trust

Today's post would be on the issue of trust with the focus example on the phrase : "Blood is thicker than water." It will be discussed that the above phrase is not true and that trust is something that is earned through sincerity and interaction, not by association of blood or tradition of any sort. (Let the author preface first that he is not pointing out that he does not trust his own family but rather the discussion that family in itself is not a factor he bases trust on.)

Through one's miniscule 29 years on earth, on more than one occasion, the author has been told in many forms the line: "Who else could he trust over family." The argument being, connected by genes and blood, one has a less likely chance of being treated in a selfish manner by the relatives in question. One agreeing that there is logic behind such a rationale due to the invested interest of the bloodline prospering. This being said, one has also always felt and more strongly that through history, it has been proven on many occasions that blood relations is not a proven factor that has resulted in genuine altruistic help. The infighting between blood related princes from any country that has experienced a feudal system of government more than enough proof of said flaw in using family as a principle means of trust. 

To the author's own method of living, who one trusts is based on sincerity and interaction. The sincerity of the mind being all important as even if said person is not fully considered intelligent at least he has your best interest at heart. Which allows focus on the true problem at hand, as compared to if one was to implement a plan of someone one does not trust. It is like using a problem to solve another problem, you need defenses for both problems to be truly certain of the desired result. 
The second is interaction. Basically, trust being earned through consistent action that warrants or results in it. This is because for reasons unknown to oneself, another could easily have done something that you felt meant he/she is truly one to trust but in fact that person was acting in self interest. This resulting in a hole in one's mental and physical defenses that allows such a person to manipulate and use you to their own means of profit. The length of interaction being important as all selfish people are acting on direct or implied profit and sooner or later once that limit of non profit has been met, the selfish person will show their true colours.

In conclusion, in the author's life up to the date of this blog. He can say the only person that has achieved the above criteria and who he trusts over 85%/100% is only one and has a surname of Li. He was the inspiration of this blog and one feels he is truly worthy of mention for being a great friend to me. 

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(This blog being about Logic, the author could not end such a post without stating that he believes all people are born selfish and thus a logical warning being that one should never trust another person fully at 100%. For a quick example, if you were a leader to a country and had a very trusted allied country beside yours. Most would agree that it would still be a bad idea to allow the allied country's army to enter your country without any kind of reason or defense.)