Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back in my day 04: My Rise & Fall in Warhammer/40K and Non-Friendly Gaming stores Rant

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In this post, I reminisce about how I started the miniature hobby in 1995 briefly (As I have done a full video about that linked below) and how the main reasons why I fell out of the hobby fully in 2013 after about 17 years. Of which I explain my reasons why a particular store in Singapore called Leisure Craft, now called Paradigm Infinitum are the kind of local gaming stores that are not only not friendly but chases people (beginner or otherwise) out of the hobby. 

Hope you enjoy and till next word...

How I started the miniature hobby:

Pictures of all my painted miniatures:

Gamersaurus Rex Gaming store Singapore Facebook Page:

The Simplicity of Logic's Youtube Page:

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