Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vengeance, a everyday tool

Talk about vengeance and one instantly thinks negatively on the subject matter but think about the common world's justice system and one can logically say that the basis for any justice is vengeance. That one has committed a wrong against another and vengeance/justice should be cast upon the guilty party. That if one wants to commit a crime, beware, as vengeance will be waiting. Applying vengeance as a way to help improve oneself will the topic of today's discussion. 

Vengeance to be used in everyday life is simply a way of treating another based on a negative feeling accorded to the person displaying the bad behaviour (This treatment does not have to be at the moment of the bad behaviour). A example, in the author's University life, he had met two people, who he at first thought were sincere friends but having dealt with said persons over the length of years in Australia, he found that these two people were selfish, morally degrading and on more than one occasion, openly using others to further only their own personal gains or pleasure. Upon returning to one's own country, the author thus devised that, the right way to treat such people was like a mirror, to apply their own said policy to them, This being, unless singularly to the author or mutually beneficial, one will never help them freely. One believing that forgiveness and trying to interact with said individuals with a 'open mind/heart' will only result in a bad situation for the author as before. And sometimes, there is simply no changing 'bad' people. 

This being said this application of vengeance to others in one's life also means one should expect the same for oneself and this has great implications. For the fear of expecting retribution for one's bad behaviour is just as believable as passing it out to one who displays it. Thus, a self policing code of conduct is always omnipresent in oneself. Adding to such a policy, once a person who believes in such a application of vengeance has done a deed worthy of vengeance, he should not expect forgiveness. If it is given, he/she should be grateful and work towards repaying such a debt but if not, one can only try to gain it as it is said person who opened the door for the vengeance and should logically accept it's consequences even if unintentional.

In conclusion, vengeance is a strong emotion and nowadays negative emotions are usually told to be cast out and ignored. It is one's view though that if the negative feeling is present from the development of evolution, it must be there to help one survive and to ignore it would be to ignore a tool that has been given to improve oneself. One is not telling others to give in to feelings of vengeance excessively but merely to temper it with good reason and use it to come to a good strong stand or result. For vengeance produces motivations just as strong as those from inspiration.

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