Saturday, August 3, 2013

Level Up 10 : 'Elder Sign' Campaign Update and the Elder Gods Awaken rules!

In this episode of Level Up, I give an update on my Elder Sign campaign (Rules video linked below) and a small rule change when the Elder Gods awaken and all the investigators have been devoured. I also share stats and some story highlights from the campaign too. The stats for the first full campaign are :
-7 months,  
-26 Investigators (Unseen Forces Investigators and from Cultdemic (Pandemic) game added)
-29 Elder Gods defeated
-3 Times Elder God Awaken 
-11 straight adventure cards completed without failing with 1 investigator

Hope you enjoy it, try it too and tell me your stats from your campaigns. Till next word...

Elder Sign played as a campaign Video :

Pandemic/Cultdemic rules :

The Simplicity of Logic's Youtube page :

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