Thursday, August 23, 2012

Level Up Does 01 : Top 6 cartoon Intro's I have ever seen

For a change of pace and to immortalize my own thoughts on topics that are more personal to me, I have started a series called 'The Author". Today's egocentric post is on the top 6 cartoon intro's I have seen in my life. This was a project that brought me lots of pleasure to research as it brought me back to lots of nostalgia and good memories of my youth. One also hopes you too will enjoy the journey, videos and commentary.

Till next word...

*Do note that I had to convert the videos to wmv. files and thus the quality of the video might not be as good as those of the original link. The author does want to give a good commendation to the people who uploaded the original link, as if it were not for them, I would not be able to complete this project of love. 

HM1 - Denver the last dinosaur :

3 - Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego :

2 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers :

The Simplicity of Logic's YouTube Page :

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